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CyberMed T10C
9.7" Medical Grade Tablet PC

Light, powerful & feature-rich medical tablet
  • Antimicrobial & Waterproof
    Sealed front bezel and anti-microbial coating minimize the spread of pathogens. The medical tablet can be disinfected with liquid cleaners without damage.
  • Global UL60601-1 / IEC60601-1 Medical Certifications
    The CyberMed T10C complies with UL60601-1 certification for near patient use in critical care and other clinical settings including OR, ER & Medication dispensing.
  • Intel Quad Core Processor
    Supports Windows 64-bit Mode. Powerful to run EMR and medical application simultaneously. Designed for demanding clinical use.
  • Barcode Scanner & Optional CAC / PIV Reader
    Scan patient wristbands and barcodes on medication. Optional RFID, CAC card reader available for added security.
  • Fingerprint Reader
    An optional fingerprint reader that ensures only authorized personnel can access the data on the medical tablet.


Cybernet Europe Ltd

Cybernet Europe Ltd



The World’s leading manufacturer of Medical Grade All-in-One PCs and Tablets

Cybernet Manufacturing, headquartered in Irvine, CA with global offices in the UK, Taiwan and Australia, is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical grade all-in-one PCs and tablets. Our units range in size from a 9.7” medical tablet up to 24” medical grade AIO computers. Our newest line is our NB Series of computers with 3 hot swap batteries designed specifically to be paired with non-powered medical carts. The NB series comes in 19”, 20”, 22”, and 24” models as well as a 24” model with a 4k UHD display.

Cybernet’s global support, R&D, and manufacturing resources give us the ability to customize solutions to the unique needs of our customers, creating long term partnerships.

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