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Igor Zhdanko (Head of Business Development) Igor Zhdanko

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R-Style Lab

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Igor Zhdanko (Head of Business Development) Igor Zhdanko

Head of Business Development
Business Development
Medizintechnik (Medizintechnik meets IT)


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Minsk City
220035 Minsk
Masherova 76a

Telefon / Fax:
Mobil: +375 44 738-09-53

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Founded in 2006 as a custom mobile and web development company, R-Style Lab has gone a long way to expand our expertise, choose a new opportunity within the burgeoning Healthcare and Internet of Things industries and become a single-point-of-contact service provider for small and medium-sized businesses operating in the reality of “real-time everything” economy.

Our in-house team — which is composed of 100+ software architects, senior developers, business analysts, designers and project managers — possesses excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic and an unmatched technical expertise. Partner with R-Style Lab to sail through the laborious software development process and get a fully functioning product on time and on budget.

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I am looking for Partnership Opportunities, so if you feel there's a fit between our companies, I would be very happy to meet. Particularly, I am interested in meeting with people/companies who may need any assistance with Medical and IoT software development.


Custom Healthcare systems implementation; IoT software development; Cloud-based Architecture; Web development; Mobile development.