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Juha-Matti Ranta

Geschäftsführer / Vorstand
Medizintechnik (Medizintechnik meets IT)


Ansprechpartner von Medanets Oy


Telefon / Fax:
Mobil: +358 44 566 4999


Over 7 years I have led this company and worked together with my colleagues to get our solution to the market and help customers to provide better care. Today we are market leaders in the Nordics in our niche. Our mobile point-of-care solution for nurses improves quality of care, patient safety and job satisfaction.

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New potential customers and partners. Let's change the patient care for the better, together!


An open and trustworthy partnership. We truly believe in a health eco-system in which partners come together to solve healthcare challenges. It’s more about creating value together. To us and our partners, nothing is impossible. Together, we are contributing to saving lives.


Medanets Oy

Medanets Oy



Digital Care & Human Touch

Medanets is revolutionising healthcare with superior mobile solutions and human touch. Developed together with healthcare professionals, the solutions help to improve patient safety, quality of care and job satisfaction. They free up time to care for patients.

The Medanets mobile solutions integrate with the EHR systems and complement their features. They are used in more than 40 hospitals and primary health care units in the Nordics

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