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Markus Lind

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Buddy Healthcare

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Markus Lind

Chief Sales Officer
Bereichsleiter, Vertrieb / Sales


Fachbesucher von Buddy Healthcare

Kuortaneenkatu 2
FI-00510 Helsinki

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +358 44 0833741
Mobil: +358 44 0833741

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Markus Lind is a Chief Sales Officer in Buddy Healthcare. Buddy Healthcare is Finnish Health IT company which provides mobile care coordination platform to hospital and to their patient to digitalize patient communication before and after operation.

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Hospital and clinics who are innovative and motivated to digitalize their patient experience and optimize their care processes.


BuddyCare is a mobile care coordination and patient engagement platform that automates and monitors care pathways. BuddyCare mobile app takes care of patients by providing automated reminders, care related instructions, questionnaires, QOLs & PROMs, and with several measures of patient status. Dashboard for healthcare professional gives real-time information of patient’s care status and they can personalize the care process at any time. With. BuddyCare hospitals are able to: Reduce no-show and cancellation rate due to better informed patient Reduce admin work significantly - paper work and unnecessary phone calls. Control recovery periods and intervene when patient may have some issues Collect several outcome measures; activity, pain, QOL´s, PROM´s, PREM´s