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Product description

The sample documentation often remains a snapshot, which concentrates solely on the time of sampling. The research portal CentraXX, on the other hand, provides all relevant data on an ongoing basis and links them in a meaningful and clear manner. In this way, new contexts of meaning can be identified and used in research.
CentraXX not only handles the structured storage and management of all sample data, but also establishes the content-related, longitudinal connection between these samples and all existing patient data from a wide variety of sources. The sum of all available data produces a multidimensional image.
In addition, pseudonymized access enables the recording of information and concrete findings for the purpose of complete data and patient protection. Biobanking for personalized medicine does not start with the actual laboratory work but can be divided into five phases.
Phase 1: Patient admission
Phase 2: Sampling and initial assertion
Phase 3: Reproduction and processing
Phase 4: Reporting
Phase 5: Withdrawal





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The KAIROS GmbH is an IT specialist with over 10 years of experience in the development of IT system solutions for the healthcare sector. In addition to our technological expertise in the implementation of medical middleware platforms, we have extensive know-how in the IT-supported orchestration of workflows via workflow engines.
KAIROS pursues the ambitious goal of being an "innovation leader in medical research IT". In the areas of pre-clinical, biobanking and study management in particular, CentraXX is a unique knowledge portal that covers all current requirements, is adapted to meet specific needs and is constantly being expanded. With this comprehensive portfolio and its own research activities, KAIROS has established itself as a pioneer with regard to the current requirements of our customers in biobanking and trial management.

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