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Product description

IT know-how from cutting-edge research - tailor-made for general and specialist hospitals

With immediate effect, all providers of the German hospital system can now expand their existing IT architecture consisting of HIS and HWS systems with little effort in terms of content so that they can now search for and find research-relevant information of patients on an IT basis. This is made possible by using the compact KAIROS product solution "CentraXX BoXX".
CentraXX BoXX is the result of many years of development experience and use of the CentraXX product family in cutting-edge medical research. The hospital can access all HL7 messages and perform its own searches within the stored HL7 messages. A mouse click is all it takes to find out which patients have or have had which diseases, diagnoses, procedures or laboratory results. By using the CentraXX reporting engine, they can create patient-related statistics at any time and communicate the prepared data as required.

In addition to viewing the entire medical record information of patients, CentraXX BoXX makes it possible to compare this information with other patients. This information can be supplemented by the attachment of freely created, individual forms or important patient-related files. Structured data that enables an export can be transferred to CentraXX via XML and after an appropriate transformation. Furthermore, they can be made available in the system just like special documentation that has been entered in Excel tables or in proprietary developments that are difficult to maintain and that can no longer be found.

In conjunction with the CentraXX patient app, the clinic is enabled to transmit personal data directly to the patient. In the hospital itself, this can also be done by using kiosk systems.
The functionalities of the CentraXX-BoXX are precisely tailored to the requirements of medical suppliers. As a result, clinics today benefit from the experience of years of development work on the CentraXX product family and the growing structural system distribution, both in terms of function and price.
By using an installer, the CentraXX BoXX can be installed independently or via remote maintenance, e. g. on virtual systems of the clinic. It consists of an HL7 listener, a CentraXX Clinical Data Warehouse, a research file, a comprehensive XML interface, and an interface to the open source system BIRT, which offers improved reporting.

The CentraXX BoXX is compatible with all CentraXX basic and system solutions. The spread of CentraXX is steadily increasing in Germany. The system is currently being used at 30 university hospitals, three German Centers for Health Research, the Helmholtz Association and the NAKO Health Study. From a technical point of view, it is also possible to link individual locations or system networks, making participation in (large) consortium projects easier or even possible in the first place. This is particularly demanded by the Medical Informatics Initiative - here KAIROS is a partner of the DIFUTURE consortium.





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The KAIROS GmbH is an IT specialist with over 10 years of experience in the development of IT system solutions for the healthcare sector. In addition to our technological expertise in the implementation of medical middleware platforms, we have extensive know-how in the IT-supported orchestration of workflows via workflow engines.
KAIROS pursues the ambitious goal of being an "innovation leader in medical research IT". In the areas of pre-clinical, biobanking and study management in particular, CentraXX is a unique knowledge portal that covers all current requirements, is adapted to meet specific needs and is constantly being expanded. With this comprehensive portfolio and its own research activities, KAIROS has established itself as a pioneer with regard to the current requirements of our customers in biobanking and trial management.

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