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Dr. Pierre-Michael Meier

Vice Chairman of the supporting user associations and CEO / President
Consultant, Science / Research Associate, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
Advanced and continued learning

Phone / Fax:
Phone: +49 2182 8865066
Mobile: +49 170 2303111
Fax: +49 2182 8865382


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Hospitals and Vendors - Industry Partners which like to become a member of our Eco System.


A very attractive Eco System which supports the Hospitals and the Vendors - Industry Partners in the same way.


ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK Krankenhauserfolg durch Nutzen stiftende Digitalisierungsprojekte

ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK Krankenhauserfolg durch Nutzen stiftende Digitalisierungsprojekte


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ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK, Hospital Success by benefitful Digitalization Projects

Since 2006, the goal of the Eco System ENTSCHEIDERFABRIK has been to develop solutions for problems in business processes by means of digitalization projects and to show the target group of hospital decision makers the benefit-making contribution to the hospitals' success in a suitable manner.

This goal is supported by 36 user associations, over 800 locations of hospitals, over 130 industry partners and Consultants selected by the associations.

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