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Platz vor dem Neuen Tor 2
10115 Berlin


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Exhibitor profile

Qualitätswerkzeuge für Medizin und Gesundheitswesen

The Berlin-based company ID (information and documentation in health services) develops software tools for medical documentation in hospitals, practices, insurance companies, professional associations as well as research institutions since 1985. The work of ID has been  methodically developed since then based off the work from Professor Wingert, CEN and GALEN.

ID software is currently being used in more than 1,200 hospitals throughout Germany, which represents more than 60 per cent nationally, and also in several insurance companies. Furthermore, the multi-lingual coding software ID DIACOS® is used internationally in many hospitals found in Switzerland, Austria, and China.

ID co-operates with more than 110 developers of hospital software and is represented in the German federation of manufacturers of IT solutions for the health service (bvitg). Additionally, we are also an authorized partner of the Friedrich Wingert Foundation for the maintenance of the Wingert NC and procedure classification in ICPM including other related software tools.

ID offers standard software for the coding of diagnoses and procedures in the most diverse classifications, grouper for reimbursement in case fee-based accounting systems (e.g. DRG or LKF), as well as tools for performance analysis and pharmaceutical drug safety.

A core expertise of the company is the management of medical terminology. The medical semantic network ID MACS® was developed over many years by dividing medical technical language into individual word components which were then assigned to detailed  machine-readable models. Innumerable medical technical texts, text books, articles and findings served as the basis - right now, the net contains an almost complete medical library of vocabulary.

The ID LOGIK® terminology server offers services for modeling, controlling, and analyzing process information through the established reference knowledge of ID MACS®. These functions can be used for context-driven documentation as well as for triggering order entries in clinical applications of other providers. New contents can be attached to defined processes without the need to change the existing data model, since the documentation is based on concept structures. Among these services are text indexing, classification and concept ordering, plausibility checking, and combined reference information.

ID DIACOS® differentiates medical facts from different sources: code, text, thesaurus, and graphics. The following classifications, nomenclatures, knowledge bases, and coding guidelines are available within the software systems: ICD-10-GM, ICD-10-SGB V, ICD-10 BMSG, ICD-10 WHO, ICD-9, ICD-9 BMAGS, OPS-301, ICPM 2.0, ICPM, CHOP, AO classification, QUADRA, KIKA, TNM, HV-BG-keys, Weller-keys, German coding rules, Wingert NC and much more. They are accessible within ID MACS® and available in ID programs.
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