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Product description

With the software suite qvident, caresyntax gives the topic of OP integration an extended definition.
Until now the focus was on the design and optimization of the workflow in the surgical area and in the directly adjacent structures. Now it is also about analytical procedures and their integration into business management processes.
Automatic recording of a large number of process data creates the prerequisites for making the daily processes in the operating room more transparent. Complex cloud- and benchmark-based computing models generate high informative value through optimal data preparation and visualization. By determining qualitative and quantitative key figures, they enable the hospital to evaluate the performance parameters in the surgical process and compare them with national and international results in a clinic-specific and subject-specific manner.
Caresyntax proceeds further the idea of ​​a modular concept with qvident. On this basis, we can offer tailor-made clinic-specific concepts that take technological as well as financial aspects into account and, last but not least, guarantee a high level of future security.


caresyntax GmbH

caresyntax GmbH


Exhibitor profile

Your Partner in O.R. Integration

The german company caresyntax has a unique track record of solving digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable hospitals. Exclusive focus on making operating theatres and other acute care areas more efficient through information technology enabled us to become the frontrunner with technological know-how to yield bigger benefits, and the reliable partner of choice for almost 1,000 hospitals around the world.

caresyntax is the innovative brand for digital O.R. integration and workflow management solutions and a leading provider of medical technology.
The core expertise of caresyntax combines all aspects of client-specific customization, optimization, structuring, and visualization of complex data streams in high-tech medical environments. Its main application is the provision and documentation of patient data in the right place at the right time, whether in the O.R. or in another hospital department.

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