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Product description

digiSeal®PDF library: The function library for PDF and PDF/A documents

Development tool for rendering and editing the Portable Document Format (PDF) and the PDF/A archiving format
secrypt's digiSeal PDF®library provides application developers with main functionalities for PDF documents and the PDF/A archiving format; completely independent of Adobe products. One of the strengths of the function library developed by secrypt is its rendering and visualisation of PDF documents. These processes normally present a particular challenge, but thanks to the digiSeal®PDF library they can now be easily implemented.

The digiSeal®PDF library enables developers to easily integrate these and other functions into their own applications without having to deal with the complex technical details inherent to PDF technology. This saves resources and creates scope for optimising the core applications.

Application examples:
  • Integrating PDF viewer in your own client applications (OEM)
    e.g. like in our free signature verification software digiSeal®reader
  • High-volume, server-based document conversion
    e.g. TIF2PDF/A for archiving, PDF2TIF for further OCR processing
  • Archive migration

  • High Level API with C-interface
  • For Windows and Linux
  • Thread-safe
  • Stabile implementation for 24/7 server operation
  • PDF rendering / visualisation
  • PDF to TIF
  • PDF to BMP
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PDF/A
  • TIF to PDF/A
  • XPS to PDF/A
  • PDF split
  • PDF attach
  • PDF append
  • PDF rotate
  • Generate and share PDF collection
  • PDF encrypt
  • ...

secrypt GmbH has been developing software for securing data and documents since 2002, whereby the focus is on the widely used PDF and PDF/A formats. secrypt is an active member of the PDF/A Competence Center, which belongs to the PDF Association.

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secrypt GmbH

secrypt GmbH


Exhibitor profile

secrypt: electronic signatures in healthcare

secrypt GmbH offers legally compliant electronic signature solutions and time stamps with which you can optimize and secure your digital business processes. The client and server-based software products of the digiSeal® family ensure the authenticity, manipulation protection and confidentiality of sensitive digital data.

Application examples:
  • Documents electronically sign e.g. doctor's letters, laboratory requirements and findings etc.
  • Signing and sealing with signature card, smartphone, HBA, signature tablet as well as identity card, HSM...
  • Legally compliant digital patient file with e-signature
  • Digital patient admission with signature tablet
  • Preservation of evidence value of electronically signed data in the archive
  • Replacing scanning of inventory documents with maximum digital evidentiary value
digiSeal® products enable medical facilities to:
  • Avoid media discontinuity
  • Cost savings (e.g. for printing and archiving)
  • Seamless integration and use of the eSignature in HIS, DMS, PVS, etc.

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