10 results

  • Stanley Bijmholt

    Trade visitor of Zapphire B.V.
    Export Manager
    Business Development, Marketing and Communication, Sales
  • Ir. René Drost

    Trade visitor
  • Thomas Goijarts

    Trade visitor of Caro Health
    Founder & CEO
    Business Development, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Sales
  • Jennifer Grube

    Trade visitor of Patient Journey App
    Customer Success Manager
  • Laurent Joosen

    Trade visitor
  • Johan Mastenbroek

    Trade visitor of Ledger Leopard BV
  • Hasse Muller

    Trade visitor of Parkinson Smartwatch BV
  • Drs, MSc Wendy Nienhuis

    Trade visitor of Wikens B.V.
  • Ron Oudshoorn

    Trade visitor of Ledger Leopard BV
    Manager Business Development
    Consultant, Business Development, Administration / Organisation
  • Chris van de Graaf

    Trade visitor