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  • INOVIS medical AG

    INOVIS medical AG is a solution provider for digital transformation of healthcare organisations. We help hospitals to enhance their processes with medical IT. With our solutions we want to bring hospitals more time at the patients bed, do fast and right documentation and engange the patients. Our main focuses are medical computer with and without batteries, computer on wheels and patient engangement systems.
  • pascom alarmserver

    Optimize alarm processes through identity management In an emergency, every second decides whether human lives can be saved or great damage avoided. Thus, the shortening of the process runtime plays an increasingly important role. The greatest potential for optimizing alarms is not based on technological implementation but on the efficient planning and dynamic adapting of alarm process in daily operation. Data consistency and data quality therefore play a key role - especially if there are a va…
  • pascom MediaBox 04

    Easy to handle patient phone with integrated card reader The pascom MediaBox 04 is both telephone and remote control for TV, radio, blinds and light in one unit and can be configured for different requirements. Because of the ergonomic shape of the handset and the well-designed key layout, the device can be easily operated with one hand. People with a handicap in the fine motor skills or eyesight can operate the device easily through the simply selectable buttons. If the motion sensor is activa…
  • pascom MediaCenter 03

    At the pascom MediaCenter you buy a chip card and recharge credit. When returning the card, the balance will be refunded. You pay with cash or optionally, with a debit card. All operating steps are displayed via a 12“ screen. Use softkeys to navigate through the simple menu. The output tray for coins and receipts is lit and increases the ease of use. To ensure that all account transactions are transparent, clear receipts are printed out. The MediaCenter is suitable for wall mounting and optional…
  • pascom O2xS Door fitting

    The pascom O2xS Door fitting is compatible with many European lock standards. The different widths allow the use in all popular doors such as wood, steel and aluminium doors as well as doors with narrow frames having a backset of more than 25 mm. The reader unit with communication electronics as well as the mechanics and power supply is located directly in the door handle. A low battery status is signaled acoustically when actuated. Replacement of the battery is possible in an assembled conditio…
  • pascom SmartCard System

    A single SmartCard for all applications! Companies are often freely accessible for very different groups of people such as suppliers, customers or employees. This requires a system that people, research results, technical rooms, IT networks, dangerous substances or devices specially protects. However, the expectations to the system are high. Your customers expect personal safety and protection of possessions, without being restricted in the freedom of movement! Your employees require easy…
  • pascom Visitor-Info-System

    pascom Visitor Info System Convey important information, promote your company and shorten waiting periods for your customers with television! Invoke your patients in the waiting room or guide visitors through your premises during events. The pascom visitor info system (VIS) is the perfect combination of information brokerage and entertainment. Whether in healthcare facilities, hotels, shopping malls, showrooms or educational institutions: The possibilities for the visitor information sy…