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  • Hospital and care beds

    We offer over twenty models of medical beds. If you are looking for top-quality workmanship and outstanding design that facilitates work and increases patient comfort, you will have no problem finding what you need in our range.
  • m.Doc Smart Clinic

    Product of m.Doc GmbH
    From the moment we provide patients with all relevant information on their own terminals, from making appointments to instructions on how to deal with the disease, patients are informatively involved in all processes: This creates transparency and trust, many processes and ultimately the treatment results can be improved. Our application m.Doc Smart Clinic digitizes the patient journey and supports both patients and clinic staff before, during and after their stay on a personalized user interfa…
  • Patient Journey Management

    With ERPath and Qmatic Orchestra 7, hospitals have a deeply integrated system at their disposal for the complete process control and documentation of their emergency department. The scope of services also includes triage (prioritization of patients according to urgency), treatment paths, dashboard overview monitor, billing recording and much more. Qmatic Orchestra 7 takes over the control of patient flows depending on the workload of the staff, the medical equipment and the premises. Patients …