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  • FibriCheck

    FibriCheck is pioneering preventive heart care and is recognized around the world as the first CE/FDA approved application for timely detection of heart rhythm disorders, using a smartphone or smartwatch. FibriCheck produces accurate real-time analysis using clinically validated PPG technology, turning heart rhythm monitoring into an at-home hardward free solution available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. FibriCheck is recommended by leading cardiologists and GP and used in a variety of settings.
  • Gottfried Scheiwein

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    Potential partnerships, including M&A opportunities
  • Karol Kloc

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    People who are interested in the implementation of IT solutions into their businesses and medical professionals. Opportunities for innovation, networking, inspirations but also issues in digitizing the healthcare system. Currently, we are also looking for partners such as Clinics, Hospitals, Telemedicine to lunch pilots of our solution: https://sensai.eu/. - Bespoke medical software development - Outsourcing IT for medical projects - Medical imaging analysis and processing - Machine Learnin…